Moving Safety 101: How to Avoid Injuries When Moving to a New Home

2019-07-23 0 Comment

Moving is usually an exciting time since you are open to new opportunities that you will share with your loved ones. It can also be quite stressful because you need to pack all your items within a limited time. If you have hoarded many belongings, be prepared to spend a lot of time arranging them. You need safety tips so that when you get to your dream house, you will not be in crutches after slipping. Read on, to find helpful hacks that you can employ as you relocate.

1. Avoid Heavy Lifting

You should resist carrying boxes that are too heavy to lift. It will cause a strain on your back and your spine as you hurry up to get to your new residence. It will backfire on you because, after a short while, you will experience sharp pain at the lower back. Owing to that, you should not engage in any heavy lifting.

2. Clear The Hallway

As you walk in and out of the house, the hallway should be free of any items that might cause injuries. You might slide on a piece of cloth and harm your legs in the long run. Thus, it is prudent to de-clutter the pathways that lead to all vital rooms. You will be able to go from room to room as you check if everything is all packed up. If the coast is clear, it is secure and convenient as you move.

3. Request Help

It is a daunting task packing and carrying boxes to a vehicle on your own. You will feel sad and disappointed when you can’t seem to complete the task. Hence, the ultimate solution is to get professional help. Experts will handle all your stuff with care and skills so that everything will arrive in one piece. Alternatively, if you have a tight budget, why not ask your family and friends to help you out? They will make the process less overwhelming, and you will be done in no time.

4. Remove Children and Pets

Your pets and kids will cause disturbances when you are clearing the house. They will run all over the place, making it challenging to finish up. Additionally, injuries can occur at any time if the site is full of boxes. It is a wise idea to take them to your relatives, friends, or trusted neighbors. They will be safe from falling or get knocked over by movers.

5. Wear Safe Clothing

You should dress ideally for the activity to avoid any looming harm. Wear shoes with enough friction so that you won’t fall. Let the high heels rest for a day to prevent any unwanted stumbling. Avoid loose clothes since you might get trapped on something as you move back and forth. You need to be comfortable thus; a t-shirt and a trouser would be perfect for this situation.

6. Pack Strategically

It comes in handy whether you have help from specialists or loved ones. Light packing should be the key priority to embody safety measures. Boxes should not exceed 50 pounds to make the process of carrying them outside seamless. You ought to wrap sharp items like knives and forks in a newspaper. You can also label the box so that anyone moving it, will do so with caution.