8 Top Pieces of Moving Advice For First-Timers

2019-07-29 0 Comment

Relocating is exciting, but you should not get lost in your daydreams. The experience can be stressful if you are unprepared. You need to be organized! If this is your first time moving, here is some of the best advice from seasoned pros:

1. Get Rid of Your Baggage

Start cleaning your home several days before your relocation date. A cluttered home can make you frustrated when you are planning a relocation. To clear your mind, spend a day sorting through your belongings. Donate your excess clutter to charities. In some cities, local charities will collect your large items. Cleaning will be easier when your home does not have unwanted items.

2. Handle Your Mail and Voter Registration

Start forwarding your mail a few days before you move into your new home. Make a list of all your bills that need to be transferred. Verify your transfer date with a customer service representative. If you are moving to a new city, cancel your voter registration.

3. Plan for Your Kids

If you have children, contact their new school. You will need to set aside money for new school supplies. Find the nearest parks and free activities. Your kids will want to explore when you reach your destination.

4. Look for Temporary Storage

You might need temporary storage while you are cleaning your home. Consider renting a portable storage unit. The moving container can keep your belongings secure.

5. Choose a Moving Company

Moving professionals can help you pack your belongings on time. You will not have to waste hours securing boxes with flimsy tape. A reputable moving company has durable packing materials and a spacious truck. Whether you’re moving locally or across the country, it can be worth the extra cost of hiring professionals to assist.

6. Get Moving Insurance

Your moving contract should have a basic insurance policy. However, the policy might not cover specialty items. You may need to purchase a separate moving insurance policy if you have several specialty items.

7. Book Your Hotel and Keep Track of Your Paperwork

Before you start driving, make sure you have all of your important paperwork. Keep your important documents in your car, so you do not have to search through dozens of boxes for your birth certificate. If you need temporary lodgings, book your hotel before you relocate.

8. Plan Your Breaks and Speak With the Moving Company

Some small towns do not have gas stations, so you need to study a map before you leave your old house. Plan to stop every four hours for breaks and snacks. If you have small children, you may have to stop every two hours. Keep a bag of treats in the backseat for your pets. Contact the movers periodically for updates.

Do not have a panic attack if everything is not perfect. You might have small issues in the car. Your kid’s ice cream might melt in the backseat. Regardless of what happens when you are driving, stay calm. Keep your mind on your new home.