Economic Justice

These are difficult times economically, in Oregon and our entire country.  Oregon Action members are the working Oregonians who were the first to feel the crushing impact of the great recession, and they will, without question, be the last to recover from it.  Oregon Action is fighting every single day to change the policies and practices that keep us from thriving in our communities, in our economy.

FairShotOregonFair Shot Oregon Campaign. The deck is stacked against women and working families in Oregon and the Rogue Valley. Too many of us are working more for less, struggling to get by instead of getting ahead. Issues like the minimum wage, unequal pay for women, not having paid sick leave, and not being able to save for retirement are some of the barriers that prevent many women and families from having a fair shot to get ahead.

We need to know where candidates for public office stand on these crucial issues. With so much on the line for Oregonians here in the Rogue Valley, we need to know where they stand on these crucial issues before we send them to represent us.

Oregon Action is proud to be a founding member of this coalition campaign building grassroots power in Oregon to hold elected official accountable for making these policy changes Oregon’s families need.

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