Economic Justice

These are difficult times economically, in Oregon and our entire country.  Oregon Action members are the working Oregonians who were the first to feel the crushing impact of the great recession, and they will, without question, be the last to recover from it.  High unemployment, Too Big To Fail Banks that care more about profit than helping small business owners, predatory mortgage lending and pay inequity make economic recovery for Oregonians nearly impossible.  Oregon Action is fighting every single day to change the policies and practices that keep us from thriving in our communities, in our economy.

The Banking Crisis.  The financial crisis brought on by the “Too-Big-To-Fail” banks plunged the country into the worst recession since the 1930s. But while the federal government bailed out the nation’s biggest banks and corporations, the rest of the country has been left to fend for itself. Two years, six million foreclosures, and eight million lost jobs later, the financial system is not meeting the needs of America’s working families. We need to do something different, and an Oregon State Bank will tilt the playing field back in the favor of average Oregonians. Click here to learn more.

The State Budget Crisis. THE State of Oregon’s Office of Economic Analysis recently announced a $563 million dollar additional shortfall for the current two-year budget cycle. The newest budget gap came about as a result of lower-than-expected tax revenue due to the continued high unemployment rate in Oregon.  Click here to learn more about this crisis and what Oregon Action is doing about it.

Wage Discrimination. Eliminating the wage disparity for women and minorities remains an issue on both the state and national level. Nationally, studies have shown that women earn roughly 74%of men’s earnings, minority men earn roughly 65% of white men and minority women tend to have an even greater income disparity.  Learn more here.

Mortgage and Foreclosure Reform. Bank of America, Ally, and GMAC announced that they have will be halting foreclosures in the 23 states that require a judge to sign off on foreclosures before eviction. This decision was made in response to the damning evidence that recently came to light that banks weren’t reading documents, were forging notarizations, foreclosing on homes that they didn’t own, and outright fabrication of loan documents. Click here to learn about what’s happening in Oregon around reform.

Green Jobs Accountability. Oregon Action has launched a statewide green jobs accountability campaign that will work to ensure that people of color and low-income families benefit from green jobs creation and investment around the state. Learn more about our campaign here.

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